Civic believes that operational and performance excellence can only be reached through proper training. As part of the customer support system, Civic is committed to delivering the most advanced and effective training program in the industry. The team is led by highly skilled, experienced and internationally trained technical service trainers. Civic provides technical training to clients specific needs, including the basic, intermediate and advanced levels of technical product support.

field support

Field Support

Reduced equipment downtime is crucial to business success. Civic offers on site field support wherein well trained service personnel equipped with high caliber tools and necessary spare parts would go directly to the work site and perform necessary repairs. This allows significant reduction of downtime as transport of unit to and from service shop is omitted altogether. As soon as the client reports of equipment downtime, Civic ensures immediate response and service assistance within 48 hours.

preventive maintenance

Preventive Maintenance

Your heavy equipment represents a significant income generating investment. This is why Civic strives to play an active role in its proper care and maintenance. Each machinery works under different conditions. Civic customize preventative maintenance programs depending on heavy equipment operations. To maximize productivity and reduce maintenance costs, our experts will determine frequency of periodic check up, suggest volume for spare parts stocking and impart expert advice on valuable information.

on site warehouse

On-Site Product Support

To live up to this promise, Civic assigns onsite service personnel and sets up an onsite warehouse stocked with readily available tools and spare parts to major mining and construction operations. This saves a big amount of travelling time and allows quick response to a need that may raise unexpectedly, which ultimately leads to low downtime and high productivity.

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Civic maintains an extensive inventory of spare parts to ensure quick and efficient availability and delivery. A state of the art inventory management system immediately identifies turnovers and calculates remaining stocks left. In unusual cases wherein spare parts are not readily available, we place order to partner suppliers and have it shipped the soonest possible time via air freight.