Volvo Trucks


Total Solution Provider

Volvo Trucks Corporation knows the importance of trucks in today’s society. As such, it remains committed to support economical growth by continuing to build reliable trucks while taking an active part in the contribution of road safety and healthy environment. Each Volvo truck offers many highlights, such as the implausible new driver’s environment, the new 9- and 12-liter engine, and Volvo patented gearbox and rear axles. Moreover, Volvo trucks are customization and can put together a drive line combination that exactly meets specific operational requirements. The result is exceptional drive-ability and low fuel consumption.

Volvo trucks maximize driver productivity and availability without compromising on safety. The wide range of services makes any transport duties as efficient, trouble-free, and economical as possible. In short, Volvo Trucks provide all the tools needed to accomplish the bottom line results while giving a strong competitive advantage.

Whether transporting oil all over the islands, hauling valuable minerals from point A to point B or lugging rubbish across towns, Volvo Trucks has the right specifications for your transport needs.