Civic at the 2014 SDLG Dealer Conference in Shanghai

Dealers from more than 30 countries around the world met for the annual SDLG conference at the Shanghai Marriot Hotel Luwan in Shanghai, China. Held last November 24 to 28, 2014, the SDLG dealer conference was a series of successful exhibitions, forums, and workshops focused on improving the company’s services across the board.

SDLG chairman, Wang ZhizHong and executive president, Yu Mengsheng extended the warmest welcome to the participants of the conference. The theme of last year’s conference was the improvement of the aftermarket service and support in international markets- a very relevant theme as both SDLG and its dealers are looking forward to continuous growth in overseas market this 2015.

With the current expansions in SDLG’s international dealer network, Civic Merchandising can look forward to major improvements in the company’s complete product portfolio and aftermarket offering. Our machine sales representatives, Mr. Edward Lagman & Mr. Jon Enos Lim, were able to take part in numerous exhibition visits, product launches, annual summary and work plan, and workshops that not only strengthen our partnership with SDLG, but also our foothold in the construction machinery industry.