We trace back Civic’s humble beginnings and list some of its corporate milestones.

The 70's

Addressing a Need

Dismayed by the limited supply of spare parts for his logging equipment, Mr. Paulino Lim decided to form a company to address this need. In 1974, Civic Merchandising, Inc. (CMI) was established as a privately owned company to engage in the business of trading heavy equipment spare parts. Company salesmen would personally go to potential customers and present its product offerings, a practice not common for spare parts dealers during the time.

Only a few years after its inception, CMI expanded in the sale of used construction equipment and was able to set up equipment servicing facilities.

The 80's

Company on the Move

Civic Merchandising, Inc. was a company on the move. Its immediate successes allowed the company to expand further and venture into the realm of brand new heavy equipment sales.

Clark Equipment Co. appointed CMI to be the PhilippinesÔÇÖ exclusive distributor of Clark Michigan and TCM construction equipment. It was also during this decade that CMI was chosen to become the Philippine distributor of Liebherr Germany and the VME Group, manufacturer of Volvo, Clark Michigan and Euclid construction and mining equipment.

The 90's

Overcoming hard times

The companyÔÇÖs third decade in business was not without challenges. It had to face a suffering economy, political upheavals, internal disagreements and historyÔÇÖs worst Asian crisis.

But CMI stood firm despite the hard times. The company established CMI Equipment, Inc. as a wholly owned subsidiary of Civic Merchandising, Inc. to develop its interest in the construction equipment leasing business.

During the mid 90ÔÇÖs CMI was appointed as the countryÔÇÖs exclusive distributor of the newly formed Volvo Construction Equipment Corporation, Volvo Trucks and Buses Corporation, Ingersoll Rand Infrastructure Group, Schwing/Stetter and Almix Mixing Plants.

The 2000's

CMI Enters a New Century

The new century brought in new hope for Civic Merchandising, Inc. The 1997 Asian Market Crash was almost successful in shutting down the whole construction and mining industry. It also didnÔÇÖt help that CMIÔÇÖs main product line, the Volvo Construction Equipment and Volvo Trucks and Buses Group was a new entrant in the Philippine market.

Giving up was not an option. The company continued to uphold its commitment of providing quality machinery and superior customer service. It was committed to having the most satisfied customers in the market.

Ultimately, CMI was successful in gaining the trust and confidence of leading local and multinational firms to partner with the company in a range of projects- from land development to building infrastructure to mining activities.

Three decades of hard work, dedication and industry experience allowed the company to grow tremendously. Today, Civic Merchandising Inc. is undoubtedly a well respected and a leading distributor of trucks and heavy equipment in the construction, mining and transport industry in the Philippines.

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